The maximum security of all its actors, as well as the guarantee of inviolability of products distributed, managed and transported by the group are areas of strong bet of the Company.

The guidance by security is developed in all its processes, both at the level of domestic production, transport of goods, the safety of the load and drivers as well as for the exemplary conduct on customer premises.

With the entire focus on the customer, in BRINTEL know that as important as the products that we produce and distribute is the concern in safety during the management of all processes.

The entire fleet is equipped with certificates ADR, fulfilling National and European standards for the transport of dangerous goods.
Preventive inspections, for evaluation of safety standards and equipment.
Monitoring of safety equipment used in lab environment and warehouses.
Continuous training of employees, both at the level of security as the efficient use of resources.
Total customer protection in damage of environmental impact and civil responsibility, in the unlikely act incident.