Respect for the environment is one of the vectors that guide the strategic vision of the BRINTEL. At environmental level, in addition to the strict fulfillment of all the legal procedures required by suppliers and customers, are made all the means of monitoring and prevention of the impact on the surrounding environment, resulting from its activity in the chemical sector.

Industrial licensing of their installations.

Directive 254 Seveso II – policy that ensures the effective response in limiting the consequences for the surrounding environment, by means of a safety management system for the prevention and control of serious accidents.

Continuous improvement plans at the level of energy consumption, through the monitoring of FleetBoard Telemetrics, which allows detailed analysis of consumptionsdriving and maintenance of vehicles, in the framework of BRINTEL logistics.

Continuous training of its employees, for compliance with strict environmental prevention, at the level of handling of chemicals and movement of goods.
Management of all waste from BRINTEL
Rationalisation and Reutilization of all production waters, allowing 100% of waters used are introduced again in the network of consumption.