Develop, in the chemical sector, innovative sustainability solutions for the Company and for its customers that allow optimizing natural resources on the development of its activity, contributing to the preservation of the environment and to guarantee maximum security at all the processes.

At BRINTEL we work focused on the future. With strong investment in the chemical market, we bet in continuous growth, supported by the sustainability and profitability, to allow competitive solutions for our customers.

Through an integrated management system for all business units, we manage, daily, all processes of the company, in order to assess at which factors can we be more efficient, more effective and more competitive.

The transmission of the business of the Company from the first to the second generation was grounded on the implementation of a model of governance of autonomous and professional management, which enables the implementation of a sustainable project of continuous improvement in the long term.

We see in SOLIDITY the favorable environment to growth. Already focused in 2020, our strategic plan is the mirror of our concerns and the ‘engine’ that make us progress.