Brintel offers a variety of chemical products with diverse applications and uses, servicing a wide range of industries. We continuously diversify our product portfolio to meet the needs of the ever-evolving industries we serve.

We support clients in addressing their processes and strive to provide competitive solutions in terms of products distributed through the permanent customer focus. With strong investment in technology, innovation and development, we respond to the challenges with efficient solutions, the result of strong strategic alliances with suppliers, a specialized team in each business area and a laboratory support that allows the adaptation of products to each business reality.

We always seek integrated solutions. Show us the challenge and we will invest in the best solution! 

Integrated services for competitive solutions

Working together with the company of the Group, BRINTEL, a unique service in storage capacity and flexibility is guaranteed, in order to meet the particular needs of each client.

Custom formulation
Tailor-made products
Chemicals analisys